We can provide bulk quotations for all the items listed in our product catalogue. You can see our full catalogue HERE. Bulk quotes can be provided in either $CAD currency and/or $USD currency.

Our pack sizes for bulk items are as follows: 5L, 10L, 20L, drum or tote pack-sizes. Units are available in either Liters or Kilograms, depending on product.

Please note that we require a Plant's Power bulk account to be created prior to placing a bulk order. Please email us to create your bulk account.

When creating your Plants Power bulk account the following information will be required: company name, personal name, email address, phone number, shipping address, billing address (if different from shipping). Please have this information ready when setting up your bulk account.

To set up a bulk account, or to inquire about bulk pricing, contact us at:

Email: Info@atelierevia.ca

We look forward to your inquiry.