Solid Shampoo Workshop

Solid Shampoo Workshop

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Do you want to make quality solid shampoos? Our course will show you the manufacturing process, from ingredient selection to botanical extracts, mild surfactants, butters, oils, vitamins, proteins and amino acids. Create products with a low environmental impact!

Workshop Details


Our workshop sessions are generally 1.5 hours long , which gives us ample opportunity to take you on a discovery tour of the art of making shampoo bars.

    Individual participants will leave with 2 shampoo bars of 50g each.

      Attendees are also eligible for a 10% discount on store merchandise on the day of their reservation . C ertain limitations may apply.

        Location 144C Notre-Dame, Repentigny. J6A 2P4.

          Cost : $48 per person


          Information to come...

            Cancellation policy

            No refunds for this workshop.  

            You have until 48 hours before the date and time to cancel and receive an in-store credit for the workshop price. 

            *A minimum of 4 participants is required. The workshop will be refunded in the event of cancellation.

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