French Vanilla Fragrance
French Vanilla Fragrance

French Vanilla Fragrance

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French Vanilla Fragrance


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Immerse yourself in the lush delight of French Vanilla - a captivating and indulgent scent that illuminates your space with its warm, comforting aroma. From the start, you will be transported by the rich and creamy nuances of vanilla bean, reminiscent of the exquisite taste of a dessert. The sweetness blends with hints of custard and butterscotch, adding special depth to the scent. Then, subtle spices mingle with velvety vanilla, for a harmonious and soothing scent, encouraging you to relax.


Top – cream, fruit
Middle – Patchouli, wood
Base – Musk, amber, vanilla bean

Flash point - >200 F
Vanilla - 0%

ethylvanillin: 10%

Formulated to work in both paraffin and soy wax

Recommended dosage:

Liquid soap and bar, depilatory, after rinsing, shampoos of all types including baby, facial cleansers, shaving creams, body washes, shower gels of all types, sprays including air fresheners 5.29 %

Lip products of all types (solid and liquid lipsticks, balms, transparent or colored, etc.) Do not use in lip products

Body creams, lotions of all types: 11.97%

Incense, candles, air fresheners Not limited

Candles and wax melts: Typical usage is 1 ounce per pound of wax, but can vary depending on wax type, additives, and scent throw preference