Olivem 900

Olivem 900

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Olivem 900


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Olivem 900 is a PEG-free co-emulsifier, an ivory waxy flake solid with a melting range of 65-75°C, for w/o and w/s systems.

Olivem® 900 is designed to improve the dispersion of powders in decorative formulations and of inorganic UV attenuating agents in sun care formulations, and contributes to waterproofing by improving wash fastness.

Use of olivem 900 emulsifier:

  • Melting point: 65-75°C ideally 80°C
  • Dosage: approximately 13% of the fatty phase (approximately 7% of the total of the formula) for fatty phases greater than 50%.
  • Heat the fatty phase and water to 80°C, incorporate the water in small doses. Do not add new water until the previous one is emulsified. stir slowly until cool. do not accelerate cooling in a cold water bath at the risk of inhomogeneity and phase separation.
  • For formulas with more than 50% fatty phase, use stabilizers such as Kaolin, powder, or even cetyl alcohol or wax.
  • The texture will thicken again within 24 - 48 hours.

. HLB value : 4.7

Dosage: 1 to 10% depending on the formula, incorporate into the fatty phase

INCI: Sorbitan Olivate

Shelf life: 4 years

Native country : Italy